Roderik Turksema - President

My name is Roderik Turksema, and I am a 23-year-old Econometrics and Operations Reseach student at Maastricht University. My hobbies include socializing and extreme sports.

As president of SCOPE | Vectum,  I aim to maintain or expand the good relationship we have with existing partners. Part of this is to maintain close contact with the LOES framework associations and so that through the LOES our members can be represented on a national level. Another valued partner is the SBE faculty, in particular the KE department, as they facilitate a lot for us and other associations. I hope to maintain the strong relationship with the KE department as well as strengthening our relationship with the other parties present at the SBE. Our members form the heart of SCOPE | Vectum. Therefore, it is of special importance to attract a wide diversity of people. Together with the rest of my board I will try to come up with possibilities and activities to integrate people into SCOPE | Vectum. 

If you want to contact me directly feel free to call me at +31 6 15 27 26 28