SCOPE | Vectum Committees

SCOPE | Vectum wouldn't exists without its active members. Our active members can participate in four different committees.

Our four committees are:

  • The Activities Committee
  • The External Affairs Committee 
  • The PR Committee
  • The Ski Trip Committee

The Activities Committee

We all naturally enjoy the Tuesday night activities, but now it is time to be active! By applying for the social activities committee you will have the unique chance to be part of the organisation of Trivia Night, Oktoberfest, Casino night, research lectures and many more study and social activities accompanied by our favourite beer at the Preuverij! Be creative! Be active! Lets make every Tuesday memorable!

The External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee is the most serious committee but also a really fun one! External relations both in and outside the Netherlands are extremely important for our association and are in fact our financial engine. Without all the companies we would not be what we are now, so we are really grateful to our sponsors. Therefore, we would like to continue the good contacts with companies and also get in touch with other companies. Being part of this committee, you will get the opportunity to help organizing the yearly Business Trip, the case day and all other company events! Furthermore, we are always open to new ideas and companies, so be innovative! This is the perfect way to get in touch with companies and improve your skills; together we will organize memorable events!

The PR Committee

The PR committee will be responsible for writing the PerVectum – the magazine that comes out four times a year. In the PerVectum are articles about the activities SCOPE | Vectum has done in the previous period, word of the president, upcoming activities, exchange and other interesting researh/social articles. The committee will also be responsible for keeping the website up to date and taking photos during activities. So are your creative juices constantly flowing, do you love putting pen to paper, or have always dreamed of designing a magazine? Then this is the committee for you!  

The Ski Trip Committee

This year will be the fourth year that Vectum organizes a ski trip. Does your heart pound faster at the thought of snow? Or would you just like to organize a nice ski trip? Apply to the ski trip committee and make it into an experience nobody will ever forget!

If you want to apply for one of the above committees, please email a short motivational letter of around 150-200 words to The deadline is midnight September 19th. We look forward to hearing from you!