Here are some of the benefits a membership in SCOPE | Vectum carries for you:

You can meet a lot of other Econometrics students. Senior students can provide you with information about the courses that you follow and they may even be able to help you with study problems you might encounter. 
You make contacts with the sponsoring companies, your future employers! During the 'formal' activities that SCOPE | Vectum organizes, you learn what these companies do and who they are. You get to know the people that work there, and, more important, they will get to know you! 
There are also 'informal/social' activities, which are a lot of fun! Just check out what we organize in the activities section. 

By enrolling for the study programme of Econometrics and Operations Research at Maastricht University you are automatically also a member of SCOPE | Vectum.

If you are a new member of SCOPE | Vectum, we also highly encourage you to sign up for SCOPE, the umbrella study association at the SBE.  This will enable you to exploit all the benefits of not only SCOPE | Vectum, but also all other study associations at our faculty. Furthermore, membership in SCOPE will entitle you to the book discount at the SCOPE bookstore, which means that your membership fee will pay off as soon as you buy your first set of textbooks!

To sign up for your SCOPE membership, click on this link:
Besides this normal 'passive' membership, which means that you can participate in the activities and receive our magazine, we also encourage you to also become an active member of SCOPE | Vectum by joining one of our committees.