Prospective Board Members

Are you interested in being a part of the next board of SCOPE | Vectum? A board year is a year full of challenges and fun experiences that teach you many things you will never learn during your studies at university. Below you find a short description about each board position. If you are interested in further information, join our Board Information Evening on March 14, 18:30 (TS53 C-1.05) or get in touch with any of the board members. You are always more than welcome to ask us questions. 


Being the president of SCOPE | Vectum is probably the role hardest to describe. Clearly, you will be responsible for the overall well-being of the association and you will be chairing the meetings within the SCOPE | Vectum. One of your tasks is to create an optimal working environment for the whole board and support your fellow board members where needed. This also means chairing the weekly board meetings You will also be responsible for the short- and long-term strategy of SCOPE | Vectum, so you will have an important role in shaping the association’s future direction. As the president you will be the face of the association, meaning you will represent SCOPE | Vectum towards many external parties. While the Vice President / External is responsible for the contact with companies, you will be representing the association towards all stakeholders such as the university and the students. Our most important partner is the KE department, but you will also be in contact with the SCOPE president and the student representative. Last but not least, you will represent SCOPE | Vectum in the LOES, the national association for Econometrics students, and you will be part of its board. The LOES organises the LED (national econometricians day) and the LEST (national econometricians sports tournament) and brings together Econometricians from all over the Netherlands. As the LEST 2019 will take place in Maastricht, it will also be your responsibility to get the organisational process started.

Vice President 

As the Vice President of SCOPE | Vectum you will be mainly coping with the association’s external affairs in order to keep SCOPE | Vectum in a financially healthy position. As most companies allocate their budget in summer, your job starts rather early, meaning you will have a rather busy summer by contacting and visiting as many company as possible before the start of the new academic year. But don’t worry, you will still have enough time for travelling and enjoying the summer. For the remainder of the year, you will be responsible for the contact towards companies and seeking for new sponsor opportunities. In January, SCOPE | Vectum’s yearly Business Trip takes place, which you are organizing together with your assigned committee. The same holds for the Case Day, which will be taking place at a later stage. Also, you will be responsible for organizing the Strategy Tour, a joint venture with Asset | Econometrics. You will be guiding the External Affairs Committee in organizing this event. In the end, you are an all-round boardie, working together closely with your fellow board members and assisting them where needed. Collaboration will be strong with the association, its Treasurer especially, since you will have to provide him/her with the correct company information in order for the invoices to be properly addressed.


Actually this position should be called Secretary / PR. On the one hand, you are responsible for “typical” secretary tasks, like taking minutes during the meetings, replying to emails, taking care of the office (supplies) and picking up the mail. Next to that you are the one updating the database, hence you need to collect information details from new members and alumni. On the other hand, you are responsible for all PR-related tasks within SCOPE | Vectum. The biggest one of those is publishing the PerVectum, SCOPE | Vectum’s online magazine at the end of every block (besides the skills periods). For that you and your PR committee will collect articles, interviews and photos of the activities throughout the period. At the end of the period you will have to deal with the stress of putting everything into the program InDesign, which you will use to design the magazine. At the beginning of the academic year you also have to design the board introduction cards and during the year, you will most likely be the one designing the Business Trip booklet as well. Experience for programs like InDesign or Photoshop is not required. It is a learning-by-doing process and you will soon get the hang of it. Additionally, you are also responsible for the website and the Facebook page and group. Website maintenance can vary in what you do. Usually, it just the weekly activities that have to be put online, but you are free in filling it with whatever content you would like to. This year I was also responsible for organizing the Extra Tutorials, but this is a task any board member can take on. 

What I like about the position is the variety of different tasks and the possibility of being as creative and innovative as you desire. Especially in the field of PR there are no limits to your creativity. 


As the treasurer of SCOPE | Vectum, your main responsibility will be to manage the daily financial transactions of the association. This includes bookkeeping the day-to-day transactions, paying bills, sending out invoices to external parties and our sponsors as well as creating the yearly budget and constantly updating it. What may sound like a boring job is actually quite fun! Especially the combination of being the social activities coordinator and treasurer is what makes this job unique. You can spend the money right away on activities that you organized yourself together with your committee! This is a nice change to the rather monotone routine of the treasurer job.

As the social activities coordinator, you are responsible for the social and academic activities taking place every Tuesday night as well as the yearly Members’ Weekend. While parts of the calendar are already filled with traditional activities, you will have enough freedom to add your own ideas to the SCOPE | Vectum calendar. This also includes fresh concepts like the Vectum Trials. Further, one of your extremely important tasks will be to provide everyone with enough drinks on our Tuesday nights.

Are you interested in joining the board? If yes, please send us your application including your transcript of grades, a motivation letter of max. 400 words and your CV till the 22nd of April, 23:59 to 

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