Members' Weekend

Members' Weekend June 16th - 18th, 2017

There is still one spot available. If you would like to join, please inform Marie ( Additionally, answer the following questions: 

Can you be a driver? If yes, how many people (including yourself) can you take?

First name

Last name

E-mail address

Current year of study

Phone number

Can you be a driver? If yes, how many people (including yourself) fit in your car?

Do you have any food allergies / food preferences?

With whom would you like to share a room? (max 4 names)


Subscriptions have opened! The annual Members’ Weekend is just one period away! This year it will take place from June 16 - 18. For everyone who is unfamiliar with this activity, here is a short explanation of what you can expect from a fun trip to an unknown location with your fellow Econometricians. 

The weekend starts on Friday noon. We will travel together to the place we’ll be staying at, but already on our way there we will have our first activity. After arrival, we start the evening with a nice BBQ. This is only the beginning of a great night which usually lasts until the early morning hours ;). On Saturday, another fun and active activity is planned to keep you busy until the real fun begins in the evening. On Saturday night, the famous Vectum Cantus takes place - so you better practice your singing beforehand! On Sunday, we will return back to Maastricht after an amazing weekend!

The participation fee for the weekend is €30,- and for the people that drive it will be €20,- (they will also be refunded for the travel expenses). More information like departure time etc. will follow as we get closer to the event. Note that even though we would love to take everyone with us on this trip, there is a maximum amount of sleeping places in the house. Therefore, we advise you to subscribe as soon as possible in order to have a guaranteed spot. 

Members’ weekend will be one of the most memorable activities during your whole academic career. Don’t miss it!