Oktoberfest! October 9th, 2018


Hallo! Bist du bereit für das Oktoberfest mit SCOPE | Vectum ?!

The Oktoberfest is still going strong in Munich this week, but why stop there?

With German music, snacks and enough beer for everyone; SCOPE | Vectum will be organizing its own Oktoberfest Tuesday, 9th October. We will be exploring the German culture in the Ma Van Sloun (3 minute walk from SBE ); Beerpong, Dirndls und Lederhosen, lots of beer and heaps of fun guaranteed! 

We will be hosting a beerpong tournament during this event, which you can participate in with a partner. If you already know who your partner will be, mention it on the sign up form. If not, you will be assigned a partner.

To help us bring the German celebration to Maastricht, we ask a €5 contribution from members.

Join us for a fun and crazy night! But be quick, because there is only a limited number that can join. 

Event begins at 20:00

Sign up via this link

* Please note the Blacklist Policy applies to this event*