Pool Party

Pool Party September 26th, 2017

Do you think summer was too short? Well so did we, so get ready to get wet! A private pool party that makes The Wolf of Wallstreet look like your grandpa's birthday. There's drinks, snacks, a slide, rapids, world's most handsome poolboy and some kickass people to share this all with! So dive into your clothes, get your swimwear and go with the flow! For only €5 you can join us to this awesome party!

The pool party will take place in Landgraaf at swimming pool "In de Bende". We will meet at the SSC parking lot at 20:00 and leave at 20:15 sharp. We will go by car, so if you can drive, please indicate so in the subscription. Of course, drivers will be refunded for the travelling expenses (and will not have to pay the €5 subscription fee). If there are not enough cars, we will split the group and some will go by train. We will send an email Tuesday morning if that will be necessary with the meeting time and place. We hope to see many of you there!