SCOPE | Vectum Hoodies

Time is there! Order your SCOPE | Vectum hoodie now!

SCOPE | Vectum Hoodies April 29th, 2018

The time is there! From now on, you can order your SCOPE | Vectum hoodie! They are available in different sizes and we have some samples in the office. So if you want to try them on before ordering, come by our office next Monday (16th of April) between 1pm and 4pm, Tuesday (17th of April) between 12pm and 4pm or Wednesday (18th of April) between 1pm and 2pm. If none of these time slots fits you, then contact us through and we will figure something out! The price of a hoodie is € 15,- (depending on the number of orders, they might become cheaper and then you will be refunded for that). In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Make sure to order your hoodie before the 29th of April!

It is also possible for alumni to order a SCOPE | Vectum hoodie and we will send it to your home address. Note though that postal costs are for your own account.