Farewell from the third-year and master students June 25th, 2017

What I am going to miss the most about my student life in Maastricht? Definitely the people that made it a fantastic time and hung out with many hours. Furthermore, I am really going to miss the flexibility of being a student: going to the pub on a Vectum Tuesday night and having a few beers (too much), waking up the next day in the afternoon and spending the rest of the day on the couch. Even though there are plenty of more (little) things I will miss, I still want to mention that I will never forget this amazing board year. Besides getting a lot of satisfaction by representing Vectum, (trying to) improve our association and getting to know a lot of people very well, my three fellow boardies (Lea, Marie and Merit) made this year truly unforgettable! With less than a week before the GMA, I feel like that I am going to miss them and the (leaving) Vectum members the most. Nonetheless, as this chapter of my life is approaching its end, it means a new chapter is going to start and I hope that these people will be included in that chapter as well!

Jeroen Lamers 


After four years in Maastricht, and a nice Master of Science degree, it is time to move on to another phase in life. I had a great time, and will miss lectures and tutorials with my friends, and the pretty views you get while biking over the Maas. What I will not miss, is biking uphill the Tongersestraat to get to SBE though. My best Vectum memories are the ones from the Business Trips in January, and thus I can highly recommend going at least once before you leave Maastricht!

Rick van Dael 


I usually associate places with people, so when I think of Maastricht I will always get reminded of the most beautiful memories I share with a group of amazing people. These people made Vectum, the Tuesday socials at the Ma, the chill nights at Eric’s place, the Business Trips and the Members Weekends an unforgettable chapter of my life. So I recommend the current members to enjoy and appreciate every moment, be open, experience, reach out, laugh, love and live.

Ilina Dimitrovska 


After four great years studying in Maastricht, the end has come near. The experiences and moments gained in this little city will stay with me for the rest of my life. SCOPE | Vectum made my time even better and gave me the best memories. I will never forget the inspiring people from all over the world that I have met during the events and most importantly the free beers provided afterwards. All in all, I will always look back on Maastricht with a big smile.

Stan Braakman


The four years that I have spent in Maastricht have been some of the best years of my life. From the different events organized by SCOPE | Vectum, I especially liked the Business Trip week.  During this week you get to know your fellow students on a whole new level, and you have the opportunity to see how well they can present a case while they are completely hungover. Additionally, I really enjoyed the Tuesday events, especially the events that were combined with strolling around the city such as laser tagging in the park and the city sudoku. So, for any current student I highly recommend going to the Business Trip at least once and try to enjoy the Tuesday night events as much as possible, because before you know it, it will be your turn to leave Maastricht.

Naomi Schippers 


1. What I will miss about Maastricht: the ‘everything is in walking distance’ lifestyle, the park, St. Pietersberg, Limburger kindness, Chocomel + Vla, Achter de Molens, Table soccer in the Shamrock, Eric’s place, amazing people 

2. What I will miss about Vectum: every form of social activity (Tuesday evenings, Members Weekend etc.), the geeky jokes, Ma and it’s never changing playlists, even more amazing people  

3. What I can recommend every current student: don’t finish it ;), explore the area around Maastricht, open a proper club and a decent kebab store (so that I have some upgrades in case I return)

Christian Wirths 


Looking back at the last four years that I spent at the SBE (while simultaneously not really being a true student of the SBE) I will miss quite a lot of habits. For example, spending very long days at the library, SSC or any room at TS53 in order to solve the assignment, we got this time. Vectum activities with free beer even though I started off my student life not being fond of beer at all but that turned around pretty quickly. As a final note I recommend you to enjoy your student life as long as you can and maybe think about applying for a Master’s exchange!

Dewi Peerlings 


It’s the end of the second semester of 2017, which also marks the end of my time in Maastricht. The Members’ Weekend just took place and made me realize what a great time I have had with everyone I met over the course of the past three years. Choosing Maastricht for my bachelor is definitely a choice I won’t regret. I want to encourage everyone to make the most out of his / her time in Maastricht by enjoying the various terraces and the Burgundian lifestyle that you won’t find elsewhere in the Netherlands, because it’s over sooner than you think!

Bas van Andel