Landelijke Econometristen Sport Toernooi October 29th, 2017

On an early morning, September 27, SCOPE | Vectum travelled with all the most sporty people in our association to the centre of the Netherlands - Utrecht. All econometric associations across the country came together to see which association is the sportiest of them all. With some of us still tired from the pool party the previous evening, we took the train at 7:00 with high hopes to beat the competition. The games were on! Two teams chose to play in the sports & games pentathlon, one team competed in the recreational football tournament, and one team dared to play in the competitive soccer tournament. 

The Football Tournament (competitive)
written by: Joshua Vink 

A few weeks ago someone in my tutorial group asked me if I would like to join them in the national econometrics sports tournament. Now I am not that good of a football player, but I thought it would be kind of fun to join them, and it would be a great opportunity to know my tutorial group a bit better.

So the options for the day were; you could join the competitive football tournament, the non-competitive football tournament or a sport/games pentathlon. For some ludicrous reason, we thought it would be fun to participate in the competitive football tournament, even though we didn’t have that much experience. But we thought; nevertheless the outcome we will just enjoy the day. Which of course we did.

Before the “big day”, we thought it would be smart to have a few trainings to see how good we were. During these practices, we gave each other tips, like not to shoot in your own goal and how to actually kick a ball. But in the end, we did think that we were prepared enough for the tournament.

On the day itself, to our surprise, we won the first match. We apparently were pretty good compared to the other team. We also won the next few games, so maybe our practices beforehand did work out? But after a while, we became a bit tired, and our first casualty fell, he had a cramp. But we were in luck, for we had a substitute. We played with all our power, and got as far as the semi-final. But our luck had run out, and we lost. So we battled for the third or fourth place. During this match, we unfortunately had another casualty; he also got a cramp. But like they say, the show must go on, so we asked a bystander for help. This random stranger was kind enough to join us, and help us win the game. So in the end after all our worst case scenario assumptions and despite our casualties, we became third! After the games, we still had a lovely meal, and then we headed off home after a long day of sporting.

The Sport & Games Pentathlon 
written by: Jelle Hijlkema

We had to wake up early that morning to make a trip to Utrecht. Upon arriving we got our team shirts and schedule. Our team that we named Brakke Broeders, had to participate in 5 games and each game we contested against 2 or 3 different groups. 

First up was knotsbal. Knotsbal is a sort of hockey but instead you had to shoot with a kind of baseball bat. Aiming with this thing was hard as the foam end was round, which gave the game another dimension. Our team had no subs and we had to play back-to-back games, this was very exhausting but we managed to win one game out of the two.

Then we had to play dodgeball. The rules of the game was here was that you win if you hit one of the bottles that were standing on the opposite side, well protected by the opponents, or if you hit every member of the opposing team (with a ball of course).  We did well and won all of our games, all of them by knocking over one of the bottles.

Third, we had to do escape box. With this game we had to solve a puzzle within a box. Each puzzle had a hint for the next puzzle. We couldn’t solve the first puzzle so we were stuck and didn’t solve the box within the time limit. 

After the escape box we continued with laser gaming. With laser gaming we were given a laser gun and a head band. The goal of the game was to shoot the enemies with the gun, all the while dodging enemy fire. The team that had the most hits on the enemy without getting hit themselves won the game. This and dodgeball were in my opinion the most fun to play. 

Last up was human foosball, which is a sort of real life table football. This wasn’t a very successful game because there wasn’t  that much room to play. That lead to people hitting more ankles and feet than the ball. 10 players from other teams had to ice their feet because of injuries and one was escorted to the hospital. So maybe for next year, another game would be the best choice. 

It was a fun day with lots of activities and a distraction from school. I would definitely do it again next year. 


All in all, all the teams that joined the LEST should be extremely proud of the great results of that day! Our recreational football team was led by captain Koen to almost winning the entire competition. They won almost all their matches and reached the finals! The final ended with a tie and penalty shoot-outs would decide which team would go home with the prize. Unfortunately, we missed once and therefore got to take the second prize home to Maastricht. 

We also got to see some of our Alumni. Martijn was also present at the LEST joining Pipple’s team in the recreational football tournament. He had to play against SCOPE | Vectum one match, and of course his new team didn’t stand a chance against the all mighty Juvectum. Roos, who also works at Pipple, was also there to support both Pipple and SCOPE | Vectum. 

The Sport & Games Pentathlon teams both had their own achievements. The “Brakke Broeders“ were very close to bringing a trophy home to Maastricht. Unfortunately they just were a few points short to end up in the top three. “Vectum Victory“ (which was meant to be ironic) didn’t do so well overall, but absolutely rocked the escape box game. They were together with another team in the room, but they decided to take matters into their own hands. They quickly solved the puzzles and ended up being one of the fastest times of the day.  Overall it was a fantastic day, and we would like to thank the LEST committee and Vesting for organising this spectacular day.