Restructuring of the SCOPE framework June 25th, 2017

During the academic year 2015 / 2016, it was proposed that SCOPE | Economics and SCOPE | FOCUS would merge during the current academic year, since they would complement each other well. During the summer break, SCOPE, previously known as SCOPE Maastricht, proposed to join the merger. This resulted in restructuring ideas and discussions concerning the whole SCOPE framework, meaning the associations SCOPE | 3MA, SCOPE | Economics, SCOPE | FOCUS and SCOPE | Vectum, and the umbrella organisation SCOPE.


During the fall semester 2016, we had lots of talks and discussions about the goals of the SCOPE framework, its intentions and areas which need improvement. Specifically, we analysed where the SCOPE associations can collaborate and cooperate better both among each other and with the faculty.


Even though the conversation started with SCOPE, SCOPE | Economics and SCOPE | FOCUS, the other two associations, SCOPE | 3MA and SCOPE | Vectum, were not offered an alternative option by SBE than to join the restructuring discussions. Just before the Christmas break we signed a Letter of Intent, a formal agreement to continue the discussions in 2017. The main points of the Letter of Intent were to increase efficiency, provide one point of access to the faculty, to help SBE improving the students’ employability, and to set up an alumni strategy.


The Letter of Intent was approved by all GMAs in January 2017 and our members made their point clear that a merger would be off the table for SCOPE | Vectum. The main concerns our members raised were that the quality of our events could not be maintained and we could not be able to serve Econometrics and Operations Research [E&OR] students as well and diversely as we do now. Furthermore, since E&OR is a very small part of SBE, the fear existed that our voice would not be heard in an overall association and that our students’ opinion might be disregarded in decision making, whether intentionally or not. Our members pointed out that they highly value the intimate contact to companies and alumni, where the close relationship to alumni follows a tight community through all years within SCOPE | Vectum. Additionally, the cooperation with the KE Department works that well because there is no overlap with other study tracks. Last but not least, the LOES (national Econometrics association) highly requires SCOPE | Vectum being financially independent and being autonomous with regard to external responsibilities and decision making.


Thus, following our members’ voice we did not further continue any merger discussions but rather sought opportunities how and where to cooperate. Meanwhile, SCOPE, SCOPE | 3MA, SCOPE | Economics and SCOPE | FOCUS pursued their merger plan. This proposal still has to get approved by the GMA of SCOPE | 3MA and by the GMM of SCOPE | FOCUS to clear the path for SCOPE. SCOPE will have a nine-person board that will manage all activities of the former associations and will internally be divided into different study tracks and a General/Alumni part. SCOPE | Vectum will co-exist but stay independent. The association will continue to exist and to organise its events like in the past years.


It will be crucial in the next months to create a solid foundation for cooperation in the next years and to follow both SCOPE’s and SCOPE | Vectum’s members’ interests and views to ensure study associations that enrich SBE student life.