Vectum Trials October 29th, 2017

This year, the activities committee has decided to create something entirely new to spark the competitive side of every econometrician - the Vectum Trials! In this competition, you compete against all your fellow Vectum members to see who can collect the most points. The person with the most amount of points by the end of the year will win an amazing prize! And you might be thinking: “How will I be able to collect these points?“ I’m glad you asked. Throughout the year, there will be several opportunities to collect points during activities. Our first ever Vectum Trials activity this year was the Scavenger Hunt. The points you got during that night were added to the Vectum Trials Leaderboard. Also the Oktoberfest beerpong tournament, and the pool tournament were scored for the Trials. 

Third years, not to worry. We will make sure that there will be an appropriate compensation measure to compensate for the time you were abroad. You are of course also in the running for the title Vectum Trial champion. 

Let the games begin! 

  Name Points
1 Koen Steeghs 186
2 Claudia Bony 170
3 Katherine Faulkner 160
4 Laura van Vledder 156
5 Johannes Gondesen 150
5 Marijke Lijzenga 150
5 Merit Geldmacher 150
8 Dominik Dribusch 140
9 Ofek Sverdlov 125
10 Johanna Sturm 124
11 Elise Baguette 120
11 Wout de Vos 120
13 David Paulissen 116
14 Evy Dooms 110
15 Joshua Vink 104
16 Hugo Schyns 100
17 Huguette Elleswijk 96
18 Frederick Hagelstein 90
18 Margot Stuit 90
18 Francine Fijen 90