SCOPE | Vectum

About SCOPE | Vectum

SCOPE | Vectum is the study association for all students of Econometrics and Operations Research at the Maastricht University. It was founded in 1994 and, as of today, has about 280 members, including a rising number of foreign students. 

SCOPE | Vectum was formerly known as Vectum (Verenigde Econometristen Uit Maastricht). During the restructuring process of the study associations in Maastricht that took place in 2011, it was decided to join SCOPE, the new umbrella association at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University. 

Throughout the year SCOPE | Vectum organizes a broad range of activities. The range of activities covers social events, such as drinks, sports events and a Members Weekend, as well as academic and career-related events. Examples of the latter would be regular research lectures, the Vectum Case Day or the Vectum Business Trip. We also have our own magazine, the PerVectum, which is published quarterly.

Further, SCOPE | Vectum works in close cooperation with the department of Quantitative Economics on the evaluation and further development of the study program Econometrics. 

SCOPE | Vectum's main goal, however, is to offer the students insights into real world applications outside the university. The most important way we achieve this is by establishing a direct link between companies and the students. There is the yearly Vectum Case Day, an event at which a certain discipline within Econometrics is paid some more attention. The day is filled with lectures, a panel discussion and cases. Furthermore, we organise several in-house days and at least once a year a Business trip to a business capital, where we visit several possible employers for the future. Additionally, SCOPE | Vectum is part of LOES, the national association for all Econometrics students, and in cooperation with LOES we offer the LED as a large recruiting event every year. Finally, we provide a platform on this page for companies to promote open positions and for students to browse through interesting companies.

If you are interested in becoming a SCOPE | Vectum sponsor, please contact our Vice-President.