Escape Room March 28th, 2018

Every room is an escape room if you have anxiety. So really, you’d expect our econometricians to be pros. But no. Lorenzo put a lot of thought into redesigning his living room, and it wasn’t easy. He was doing his best to provide us with hints, but the well only went so deep. Each development marked a step forward, but felt like two steps back.

At some point, every team was thinking that there was no chance, but team 2 didn’t subscribe to the same newsletter as everyone else – they didn’t subscribe to Pessimist Quarterly – so they eventually managed to escape. The others snuck out like little church mice.

The econometricians learned that sometimes you gotta go to prison just to get out, and really when we look back on the event, the challenges and time pressure allowed for a lot of bonding between the students. Some real good bondage. Just like in Fifty Shades. And we filmed every attempt.

Stay tuned for a supercut next period!

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