Marie's Exchange in Guadalajara, Mexico March 18th, 2018

When stepping out of the plane in Guadalajara more than half a year ago, I was really asking myself what the hell I was thinking when putting down a country as first choice for my exchange destination whose language I did not even speak the slightest. ¡Bienvenidos a México! However, Mexico’s incredible beauty, the country’s inspiring art and handicraft, the chili-spiced cuisine, the intense cultural traditions, the heart-warming locals and the warm climate made my stay a once in a lifetime experience.

I spent my exchange semester at the Tecnológico de Monterrey (by students only called Tec). The university has several campuses all across the country. However, I chose the campus in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city and the capital of the state Jalisco. In case you do not know where to locate this city on the map, it might be interesting for you to know that it’s only a 1-hour bus ride away from Tequila, a little town which supplies the whole world with its pure 100% agave spirit. Guadalajara itself is a vibrant and modern city. Good restaurants and cafés, big markets and crazy clubs define the city life. You can also find some really nice landscapes just outside of the city. The weather is perfect; not too cold, not too hot and always sunny. Due to its size though it takes a while to get around. Uber is your best friend and in case you figured out the bus system, the bus is an even cheaper option. Taking the bus is an experience by itself. There are no proper bus stops, you just tell the driver when you want to get off. The drivers are alternating the route every day (you just hope to get to the right destination) and have a rather life-threatening driving style. People keep on hoping on and off the bus, singing and performing for a bit of extra money.

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